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Diary of a Whimsical Artist

Blogs... Has enough time passed, are those a thing again??

I'll be honest, I never blogged and I'm sure it shows. But what is a blog in this social media, videos, and images only driven world? Somehow I see it as the old embarrassing diary you hid but absolutely love to reread years later. It's raw and authentic. A look behind the curtain, behind the staged and perfectly curated posts we expect from the movers/doers/shakers of this time.

I missed the blog trend and then joined the “who has time for that” movement. I guess it’s like journaling, and if therapy taught me anything, getting words out before they eat me alive or vanish into the oblivion, is a must.

This is my act of putting thoughts and feelings somewhere for safe keeping. But more than anything I am holding myself accountable to what I say. It’s keeping me in the moment. A time capsule of who/where I am today, and my less than graceful adventures through it all. My words, date/time stamped, organized by topic as a breadcrumb trail to when I lose the way again… because I usually do (me = human).

Maybe current day blogs are a little more new age-y than that… Perhaps these words existing outside of my body, will transform into something beautiful for someone else that happens upon this road I’m traveling. Cool way of manifesting! Gosh I hope so!

painted hands, art is messy, messy is fun, creating is messy business, a creative journey is fun
No matter what you are creating, just have fun making a mess, keep what you like, toss what you don't... And then do it again.

I desperately hope someone, somewhere, has a slightly better day after peering into my diary of sorts. Maybe it’s you? Well, I certainly want YOU to feel loved in this movement. To know that you are a cherished being that exists in this moment, beautiful just as you are, and bringing meaning to a life (yours, mine, perhaps even your barista's).

A dear writer friend recently told me how inspired she has been over the years by my relentless pursuits to become a professional artist. She said it prompted her to chase her own dream of writing a memoir. (And here I thought I was being so selfish by giving my craft so much attention). After over a decade of friendship, I think I feel closer to her more than ever because we are now sharing yet another wild new journey together. And that’s just the thing, it’s cliche, but you simply never know when overcoming your biggest hurdles and fears, can become a safe place for someone else to feel they can do the same.

Now, let’s see about some topics to discuss and put down on “paper”. Please leave a comment below if there is anything Artsy or otherwise you’d like me to throw in my “diary”.

With creativity and curiosity,

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