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Mixed media and Oil

12x12" gallery wrapped canvas


'Harbinger of Hope' captures the profound connection between nature and the human spirit. The owl, a symbol of wisdom and insight, becomes a messenger of hope as it stands bathed in the warm embrace of the setting sun, casting a radiant glow upon its feathers. The setting sun itself becomes a beacon of hope, promising the possibilities of a brighter tomorrow.


This artwork invites you to embrace the enduring glow of hope within your soul, knowing that as the sun sets on today, it heralds the promise of a new and brighter day ahead. The owl's presence, a moment of profound stillness and contemplation, 'Harbinger of Hope' inspires you to find solace in the beauty of the world around you and the endless possibilities that lie on the horizon.


May this pieve serve as a reminder that hope, is a constant companion offering solace and strength in moments of reflection. As the sun sets, and the warm sunbeams grace your face, let your spirit know that a brighter tomorrow awaits.

Harbinger of Hope

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