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Mixed Media and Oil

12x12" Gallery Wrapped Canvas


Introducing 'Eagle's Ascent' - A Glimpse into My Inner Skyward Soar. There exists an eagle within me, a symbol of unwavering determination, forever urging me to reach greater heights. I seek eagles daily, their majestic presence etched into every landscape, a reminder of their graceful ascent. My 'eagle' eye, always vigilant, finds solace in their soaring spirits.


This particular artwork emerged during a whirlwind week of creation, a personal challenge to birth nine original pieces. In the midst of this frenzy, I discovered an untapped well of inspiration. Each stroke of my brush carried handwritten dreams and secret symbols, a language spoken only by my heart and the world around me.


'Eagle's Ascent' represents a profound exploration of what truly moves me, a window into the power that resides within these visions. I invite you to share in the enchantment, to experience a piece of the soaring spirit that inhabits these creations. Let 'Eagle's Ascent' be your daily dose of inspiration, a reminder that within each of us, there lies the potential to rise to the greatest heights.

Eagle's Ascent

  • Ah, the allure of an original painting! There's something truly enchanting about owning a one-of-a-kind piece of art. When you choose an original, you're not just getting a beautiful decoration; you're inviting a piece of my soul into your world.

    Originals carry the energy of an artist's brushstrokes, their emotions, and their creative journey. Each happy accident, each color choice, and every hidden detail tells a story. It's like having a conversation with me, the artist, every time you gaze upon it.

    Plus, owning an original is a statement of individuality. It's a piece of art that's uniquely yours, never to be duplicated. So when someone asks, "Why an original painting?" I say, why settle for anything less than a piece of pure artistic magic that's made just for you?

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