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Mixed Media and Oil

12x12" Gallery Wrapped Canvas


Courange Unleashed: Persuit of Dreams

Within the contours of this mountain lion's regal profile lies a message etched in every stroke: "Be fierce in all your pursuits. Chase your dreams like you are starving for them to come true."


As I painted this piece, those words echoed through my mind, a mantra of unyielding determination.


'Lionheart's Aspiration' embodies the essence of having your eyes set on chasing your dreams with an insatiable hunger. It urges you to channel your inner lion, to pursue your goals with the same fierce intensity. Just as the lion prowls through the wilderness, driven by instinct, let this artwork inspire you to chase your aspirations with unwavering instinct.


May 'Lionheart's Aspiration' serve as a reminder that within you, there resides a lion's heart, ready to conquer any terrain in pursuit of your dreams. Embrace the wild within and seize your destiny with unbridled courage."

Courage Unleashed

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