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Craddled in a simple handmade, oak frame.


The Pacific Northwest lanscape, where sky meets water, meets land, meets sky again. It's a land out of fairytales, where mystical beings can hide and thrive among the rip tides and velvety soft green canopy of trees and moss. It is a land for dreams, somewhere in the abstracted realm of reality. Inspiration came to me while I was traveling out of state, and honestly, I cannot get far from home before I start getting lost in imagining being back amongst the evergreens and skycraping mountains.


An original mixed media and oil painting, 2023. Filled with layers of marks made with spray paints, inks, acrylics and luscious oils create an intricate combination of colors you might find while adventuring through the Olympic Mountains. 

A State of Dreaming

  • Ah, the allure of an original painting! There's something truly enchanting about owning a one-of-a-kind piece of art. When you choose an original, you're not just getting a beautiful decoration; you're inviting a piece of my soul into your world.

    Originals carry the energy of an artist's brushstrokes, their emotions, and their creative journey. Each happy accident, each color choice, and every hidden detail tells a story. It's like having a conversation with me, the artist, every time you gaze upon it.

    Plus, owning an original is a statement of individuality. It's a piece of art that's uniquely yours, never to be duplicated. So when someone asks, "Why an original painting?" I say, why settle for anything less than a piece of pure artistic magic that's made just for you?

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