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Welcome to my studio(s)

My life has been filled with exploration exploration, so much so that every space becomes my studio.

Early childhood travels throughout Russia, Kazakhstan, Denmark, and the US created a unique vocabulary of stories, rich history, culture and how it is influenced by nature.

. I'm a huge foodie. 

. have a strong passion for photography, music, and all things visual arts...

because while we might have differences or language barriers in other parts of the world, the arts have a way of capturing our souls and bridging us together on a spiritual level.

Being a multi disciplinary artist, I have a variety of spaces I utilize (aka make messes in) to celebrate all my many passions.


Let's take a quick tour of you studio(s)...


My Journey is Still Unfolding

I've been a lifelong self-taught artist, learning through my creative experiments. In 2020, as my business slowed down, I seized the opportunity to return to art school. This experience reshaped my approach to teaching. I realized that the creative journey is an ongoing exploration of self-expression. No amount of class time can encompass the endless ways we can use our hands to connect with ourselves and the world. From the fluidity of inks telling their own tales, to the precision of markers, and the bold strokes of acrylics and oils, it's a continuous, liberating adventure. I've decided to capture my personal studio experiments in an effort to not only remind me of the joys of play, but to hopefully encourage you to do the same. 

Come see if one of my studio projects sparks inspiration for you too...


Nature as My Muse 

The beauty of the great outdoors has endlessly inspired me, but it's the way it touches our souls that truly captivates. The play of light through leaves on our skin, the ever-changing sky's hues, and the way it illuminates a smile, or the fragile grace of flowers cradled in a child's hand – these elements infuse my photography. I strive to capture these fleeting moments and immortalize them. That's why you'll discover fragments of my adventures in every painting.


Create with Me

As a life long artist , I've become a trusted creative educator, dedicated to helping others unearth their artistic potential. My classes are not held in traditional classroom settings. I work closely with community venues to inspire creativity even in the unlikely of places, all while supporting your local small businesses. You'll find me setting up everything you need to create a masterpieces in little corner bistros for a group of 8, to large100 person conventions. The world is our inspiration, and we can create anywhere! Join me on this transformative voyage of creative self discovery and community-building.


Let's craft a vibrant world of art together.

Oil Painting
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